Search for deposits

To search for information about deposits, complete these steps:

Note: Deposits appear in the merchant service center after a delay of one or two days. So you may not see deposits that were just processed..

  1. In the menu bar on any page, select Activity & Reports > Deposits.

  2. Set the date range in one of the following ways:

    Note: With a single search, you can search for any six-month period within the past year.

  3. To limit your search based on the funding status of the deposit, click the Funded Status drop-down, and select one of these options:

    All. This displays all transaction batches, no matter what their current status is (funded or pending).

    Funded. This displays transaction batches that have been funded to your bank account and are now available to you.

    Pending. This displays transaction batches that have been submitted for funding but have not actually been funded to your bank account.

  4. Click Search to display the results.

    Deposits appear listed by batch. To see individual transactions that comprise a batch, click the expand expand triangle next to the Batch ID. You can customize the display format of this report.

About American Express transactions and deposits

American Express transactions will appear in reports differently depending on whether you are a member of the American Express OnePoint program or not. (If you are a member of the American Express OnePoint program, your card type will be listed as AMEX ONEPT on your monthly statement.)

What if a deposit is withheld?

If a deposit has been withheld, it means that something in the batch that comprises the deposit raised a red flag and Risk Management is conducting an investigation on your behalf. A deposit may be withheld for various reasons, but there are two primary reasons:

If one of your deposits has been withheld, we'll probably email you with a request for more information. Check your inbox. For issues regarding individual transactions, we may request a detailed invoice with the cardholder's (customer's) billing address and telephone number. If you have exceeded your monthly approved or individual transaction amount and would like to have it increased, we may request six months of previous processing or bank statements. To resolve the issue as quickly as possible, contact us and promptly submit any requested documents.