Why are my funds on hold?

There are a couple circumstances which result in held funds:

You never shared bank account information, so Intuit is holding funds on your behalf

If you have yet to enter your deposit bank account information, Intuit takes the payments you accept and applies those funds to your payments account until you tell us where to deposit your money. You can collect any time by adding your deposit bank account.

Your deposit shows as withheld

If a deposit has been withheld, it means that something in the batch that comprises the deposit raised a red flag and Risk Management is conducting an investigation on your behalf. A deposit may be withheld for various reasons, but there are two primary reasons:

For issues regarding individual transactions, we may request a detailed invoice with the cardholder's (customer's) billing address and telephone number. If you have exceeded your monthly approved or individual transaction amount and would like to have it increased, we may request six months of previous processing or bank statements. To resolve the issue as quickly as possible, contact us and promptly submit any requested documents.