Add a user

At this time, you can manage access only for users who've already been granted access to your account through other Intuit software, like QuickBooks Online or Mobile Payments. You can't add a user directly on the Users page in the merchant service center. Intuit generates this site's user list automatically from your Intuit account information. If you want to grant others access to the merchant service center, you must add the user via the Intuit software you use to add users to your company/account.

  1. In the Intuit software you use to manage your company or account, add the user and grant them the desired level of access to that software. Note: You must be an administrator of your software to add users.
  2. Once a user has accepted your invitation, they appear listed on the merchant service center's Users page.
  3. Sign in to the merchant service center and choose Account > Users.
  4. Find the user in the list and assign them a role to grant them access to this site.

Why don't I see the person I just added on the Users list?

The user may not have accepted your invitation yet. Only when they do so and create their account will they appear on the Users page.