Invite a Mobile Payments user

If you want to let others take payments on your Mobile Payments account, invite additional users in the merchant service center *.

Note: To protect the security of your merchant account, only your company's account administrator can access and change Mobile Payments information in the merchant service center.

Invite a Mobile Payments user

  1. In the menu bar on any page, select Account > Mobile Payments.

  2. Click Invite User.

  3. Enter user information:

  4. Click Submit.

Mobile Payments sends an invitation to the email address you entered. The user must click a link in the email to create a Mobile Payments Account.

I invited my employee. Why don't I see her in my list of users?

Some users won't appear on your Manage Users page until they click the link in the invitation email and create a Mobile Payments account.

*You are responsible for providing users with a mobile device and wireless service.