Mobile Payments-compatible phones

There are two ways to use Mobile Payments:

What is the difference between the Mobile Payments application and the Mobile Payments web site?

If a phone appears on the list of Mobile Payments-supported devices, you can install Mobile Payments on the phone itself. Advantages of using the installed application include faster response time and integration with a Bluetooth printer/swiper so you can swipe cards and print receipts on the spot.

If you can't install Mobile Payments on your phone, you can still use the service. The mobile web site is almost identical to the Mobile Payments application, but it lives on the Web. You can access and use this version via your mobile web browser by visiting The main advantage of the mobile web site is that it works on any handset that can access the Internet.

Tip: Mobile Payments is available for the iPhone. Just visit Apple's iPhone App Store and download Intuit's Mobile Payments application.

My phone is not on the list of supported handsets

You can still use Mobile Payments, even if your handset isn't on the list of application-compatible phones. Send the setup message to your phone and try to install the application anyway. If you can't, you'll be redirected to Mobile Payments's mobile web site instead, which is a web-based version of the application. To access the site, use your mobile web browser to visit

Tip: If you'll use the Mobile Payments web site, install the Opera Mini browser for the best mobile browsing experience. To download and install, visit in your current mobile browser and follow the Download to Phone steps.