Set up GoPayment on your mobile device

Users of Apple, Android, BlackBerry or Microsoft devices should follow these steps to download GoPayment from your device maker's application store. If your device doesn't offer an app store, visit on your mobile device to download the app.

Note: If setup is for the sole user of GoPayment, use the User ID and password you created during sign-up. If setup is for an additional user, invite the user. Then have the person download GoPayment.

  1. Visit your mobile device's application store and download GoPayment.

  2. Open GoPayment.

    On your phone, click the GoPayment icon to launch the application.

    GoPayment icon
    Look for this GoPayment icon.

  3. If necessary, apply for a GoPayment account, or click Sign In.

    Sign up screen
    You may or may not see this screen, depending upon what device you're using.

  4. Enter your User ID and Password and tap Sign In.

    sign in

    Note: Forgot your password? You can reset it.