Sign in and out

For security, you're required to sign in each time you access the Merchant Service Center. You can close your session by signing out.

  1. To sign in, enter your User ID and Password.

  2. To sign off, just click the Logout link on the top right of the window.

If you open the Center from within QuickBooks

If you have the auto-connect preference turned on in QuickBooks, you don't have to sign in to the merchant service center when you launch it from within QuickBooks. To change your sign-in preference in QuickBooks, go to the Edit menu, click Preferences, then select the Service Connection category. Click the Company Preferences tab and set your preference:

When you open the merchant service center from within QuickBooks, there is never a logout link. To logout, simply close the browser window.

Why does having the auto-connect option ON prohibit me from managing users?

Enabling automatic connection from QuickBooks means that anyone using your QuickBooks file can access your merchant service center information without having to enter the proper credentials. To prohibit unauthorized users from accessing your account and controlling your access too, the Users page is closed to anyone who did not explicitly sign in to the merchant service center. You must turn OFF QuickBooks automatic connection to manage users and set access permissions. If you still want the convenience of automatic sign-in, you can turn it back on after you've set up users.