Track and manage chargebacks

A chargeback is a credit card payment transaction that a customer later disputes. You have the right to challenge by filing a rebuttal. Learn more about chargebacks.

You can track and manage chargeback documentation within the Merchant Service Center. When you get a chargeback notice, you see a flag in the Merchant Service Center (based on your preferences you'll also receive notification by mail, fax or email).

event flag
Case Events flag. When you have new case developments, this flag appears on every page
of your merchant service center account. To see details, click the case events link.

Manage chargeback information

  1. On any merchant service center page, click the case events link (see illustration) or go to the menu and select Activity & Reports > Chargebacks.

    A list of cases appears.

  2. To view details on a specific case, click its case number.

    Case details display.

  3. View and respond to chargeback and retrieval notices.

    As the case progresses, events appear in the Case History section. Any notices related to your case appear here in PDF format. To view a document, just click its link. Documents contain case details and, since they often require a response from you, instructions. Follow these instructions precisely and promptly.

    Note: You can receive and view documentation in the merchant service center, but you cannot send documents back through the center. Instead, respond by fax, mail, or email as instructed in the documents you receive.

My chargeback case closed. Why didn't I see an event flag alert?

While a case is open, you get a flag alert for any event that occurs. When a case closes, it remains in the cases list where you can see that it's closed, but you won't get an event flag alert. If you're waiting for a case to close, check your cases list periodically.