Manage users

The Users list lets you see who can access this site, the merchant service center, and make permission changes. To manage users, choose Account > Users.

Note: To protect the security of your merchant account, only your company's administrators (those in a Full Admin role) can access and change user information.

Important! Grant access to users who were automatically added to your list

Your users list is drawn automatically from the list of users who access your QuickBooks Online, Mobile Payments, or other Intuit product accounts. Company Administrators are automatically granted Full Admin access. But only you know which other users should have access the merchant service center, so non-administrators were automatically granted a No Access role. For a short transition period that ended on March 13th, 2012, users who regularly sign in to the merchant service center could still do so, even if their role was set to No Access. But now, No Access users cannot sign in to the merchant service center at all. Full Admins should grant access to users as needed:

  1. Choose Account > Users.

    Can't see this page? Make sure you're a Full Admin: Choose Account > Login & Merchant Accounts. Your role appears within Login Information section on the left side of the page. Also, Users who connect automatically through QuickBooks can't access the Users page. Turn off QuickBooks auto-connect and sign in instead.

  2. Grant access:

    If you want a user to access this site, assign them either a Full User, Limited Admin, or Full Admin role.

You can: