View and download credit card statements

The merchant service center lets you access your monthly credit card statements online. (If you have Intuit Check Solution, you can also view check statements online.)

Have trouble understanding your credit card statement?

How much to you owe this month? Where can you find fees and deposits? Learn how to read your credit card statement.

Note: If you're accessing the merchant service center through QuickBooks, viewing statements requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.1 or later. Upgrade before you attempt to view a statement.

  1. In the menu bar on any page, select Activity & Reports > All Statements .

  2. Locate the month you want to see and click either:

A month is missing. Why?

If you don't see a statement for a particular month, it's because you processed no charges that month and your monthly minimum fee was waived (perhaps due to a sales promotion).

Get notified when your credit card statement's available

Have the merchant service center send you an email notification when your monthly card statement is posted and ready for viewing. To do so, turn on statement email alerts. Alerts are not available for check statements.

Get copies of older credit card statements

If you want a copy of a card-processing statement from over 24 months ago, you must order a paper copy. Paper copies cost $2 per page (a statement usually runs about 5 pages). This option is not available for check statements.

  1. On the All Statements page, click the Order a paper copy of Credit Card statement link.

  2. Specify which month(s) you want to order.

    Under From, click the Month and Year fields to select the month that starts the range. Then under To, select the Month and Year that ends the range. If you're ordering a statement for a single month, select the same month and year in both the From and To sections.

    single month

  3. If you want additional statements that fall outside the date range you specified in Step 2, click the Order additional statements link and specify different month(s). You can repeat this step as many times as necessary.

  4. In the Your Name field, type in your name.

  5. In the Your Phone Number field enter the number where we can reach you.

  6. Confirm that you will accept fees for the paper copies.

    Turn on the checkbox labeled Statement history costs $2 per page. I understand my bank account will be debited for this total.

    A typical statement runs about 5 pages, which means you may pay $10 per statement or more.

  7. Click Order Statement.